Hello all...Welcome to 1 LOMO a Day Online Shop...

Currently, we offer you a range of Holga 135 format cameras, Holga lenses and Holga accessories. We also have a couple of expired films in stock...


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1 Lomo a Day will be focusing on posting lomographic photos and hope everyone will enjoy all the photos posted here.

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Product list

Holga 135 Camera Series
Holga 135BC
Holga 135BC TLR
Holga 135PC Pinhole  
Holga 135TIM  
Holga K200NM Fisheye   
Holga CAT K205   
Holga 135 Camera DIY Kit  

Holga Lenses
Holga Fisheye Lens  
Holga Wide Lens  
Holga Tele Lens  
Holga Close Up Lens  
Holga Macro Lens   

Holga Accessories
Holga 12MFC Flash  
Holga 12S Flash  
Holga 160 Flash   
Holga Fisheye Viewfinder  
Shutter Release Cable  

Fujifilm Fujicolor Press 800 36exp. (Expired)  
Fujifilm Fujichrome 64T RTPII 36exp. (Expired)